baby caspian - surrey birth photographer.

photographing a birth has always been on my dream 'to do list'. when kate a beautiful mama of three approached me about photographing the arrival of her fourth child, i jumped at the chance. we met a couple of times on the run up to the day, went though the plan, ate cake, chatted the pro's of home birthing (my third child was a planned home birth), and shared stories of life with three kids, importantly i practiced the drive to over to her house in case baby arrived in the middle of the night, i didn't want to be map reading at 3am!

when kate did go into labour, it was a very civilised 5pm. i drove over straight away as had heard many stories of super quick deliveries of fourth children. i sat on the floor next to the pool, drank tea with her husband and chatted with kate in-between contractions. kate is a superwoman when it comes to birthing, she even kissed and said goodnight to her two bigger kids during her labour. after a couple of hours, as the sun began to set, things intensified and i moved in to the background to watch and capture the next stages. kate got into the zone, some deep breathing, her hypnobirth cd was played while her husband held her hand and gently rubbed her back. then after a few strong contractions baby caspian arrived in the pool straight into his mama's arms. i clicked away in absolute awe of what was happening in font of me.

it was an amazing, magical and emotional experience. i feel truly honoured to have shared in this precious time and witnessed the birth of caspian. it will be a day i will always remember.

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